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Captain Corelli's Mandarin: A Review [Jun. 19th, 2007|10:33 pm]
"Captain Corelli's Mandarin" (2001, USA)

The comical misadventures of an Italian merchant skipper and a dignified Chinese potentate who find themselves sharing lodgings in prewar Liverpool. The thunder-faced Warren Clarke is mysteriously unItalian as the Captain, but David Yip furnishes a virtuoso performance as the unnamed Mandarin, suitably enigmatic and closelipped, speaking only to utter a gnomic sayings such as "The man who loves peas loves not life". The irrepresible Lee Evans as George Formby steals the show, despite his role being little more than a cameo; I guarantee you will never look at Formby in the same light after witnessing Evans' sinister ukelele-fondling interpretation.