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Dursprung [Jan. 8th, 2008|07:53 pm]
Dursprung is a self-facilitating media node who opts to refer to himself in the third person, as this aptly symbolizes his alienation from the so-called ‘mainstream’.

Dursprung has recorded innumerable albums under the alias of Wankshaft. Despite a strong interest in dicks and pricks, he opted to study the humanities, taking a first in Applied Analism from Cambridge University in England. As well as making disharmonious and distressing noises under his own name for records, film, and car alarm manufacturers, Dursprung contributes regularly on cultural topics and other forms of intellectual masturbation to magazines like Vox, Dix, Slobgobble, Necropolis, Twat, !, and OMGWTF, most of which are returned to him in due course.

Dursprung held his first one-man event in 2000, an installation called “Wank Me Senseless” at the Teddy Roosevelt VA Hall in Peoria, Illinois, which employed salvaged window display mannequins and recycled sexual prosthetics to make a scathing comment on the mundane world’s failure to accept alternative sexualities. He followed this in 2001 with “Crank My Handle”, a commission from Ed’s Discount Grocery in Vandalia, which was unfortunately shut down by the fascistic myrmidons of the Vandalia Police Department.

In 2002 Dursprung discovered the Furry Fandom and was inspired to create his groundbreaking installation entitled “Fur is Murder” which can still be experienced at the Arthur Wang Gallery in Himmler Creek, Montana.

Dursprung’s appearance at the the Buffalo County Jail in 2003, where he deployed an improvised installation entitled “I AM INNOCENT, LET ME OUT OF HERE” garnered rave reviews in the Monadnock Shopper News, which described his ingenious use of nudity and a strategically placed Idaho potato as “terrifying.... frightening.... the true face of postmodernism”.

Dursprung currently lives in Barrister, Texlahoma, where he is an associate at a local Kinko’s, and spends several hours each day facilitating informational and memetic exchange via the mediating agency of the Internet with likeminded people in locales as far-flung as Japan and New Jersey.

mood: pensive
music: Laibach - Drzava

Dursprung has come to believe that the most perfect kind of government would be a mechanized fascist state devoted to the survival and expansion of humanity through technological and technical progress, with a healthy disregard for any natural, moral, or physical boundaries that stand in its way.

Snappy uniforms would naturally be a given. Black uniforms, with gleaming chromeplated insignia composed of mythic runes reimagined for this brave new world. These inspiring garments would of necessity be tailored to emphasize the fact that we are above the mundane world and somehow symbolize our otherness, our apartness if you will. The corresponding footgear would consist of high black boots - the total blackness of deep space - polished to a stunning mirrorlike sheen. Members of all genders would wear identical uniforms, their “rank” or “standing” being indicated by discreet and tasteful insignia.

Dursprung knows that he will be labelled a ‘fascist’ by the unimaginative hoi-polloi, but cares not. Just imagine those glorious boots!

"Fur Is Murder" (Multimedia Installation, London, 2005)

The fur-covered animatronic suits twitch and move in a ghastly parody of life, their slackly hinged jaws lolling open to disclose that their occupants are no more than rotten bones. Attached to the suits are elaborate and fanciful phalluses made from dayglo-painted fibreglass that waggle obscenely while concealed speakers supply a soundtrack of unsettling nonsense words like "yiff" and "meep" chanted over and over by what sounds like a school choir. Progressing into the second room we find a movie theater in miniature where the slumped and dead-looking patrons barely visible by the light of the screen are watching a montage of classic Warner Brothers animations with the soundtrack replaced that of a 1970s pornographic movie.

...utilizes the images and tropes of the so-called "furry" fandom to illuminate the fathomless void that lies beneath our metaphysical feet. Dursprung is telling us that we are ALL animals...